10 best motorcycle road trips in the world

Photo 10 best motorcycle road trips in the world

Every year, motorists participate in races to have fun. Others participate to win the competition. In order to improve your motorcycle riding skill, you may need to practice in more challenging trails around the world. Or just enjoy riding and see the sights. What are the ten best motorcycle roads in the world?

10 best trails for motorcyclists around the world

Scenic roads for motorcycle riders in the USA

1. Pacific Coast Highway, California:

Ride along the mountainous trails on the coastal California, and discover the onsite fauna and flora diversity.

2. Tail of the Dragon, Tennessee:

Ride along this panoramic winding trails to live a fascinating, thrilling ride. The trail is 11 miles long. It is a popular trail for experienced motorists.

In Asia, here are the best trails for motorists

3- The Mae Hong Son Loop, Northern Thailand:

Ride along the 600 km trail, and see the sights in this picturesque city. Then visit the main towns and take some refreshments at the popular restaurants.

4- Ho Chi Minh Trail, Vietnam:

Motorcyclists ride along the mountain trails, and see the animal and plant diversity in the wilderness. It is a fascinating experience.

5- The Thakhek Loop, Central Laos:

This trail is a must for motorcycle lovers. The mountainous trail is a real adventure. Along the way, enjoy watching the spectacular lush green pastures and limestone cliffs. It is breathtaking.

In Europe, the best trails for motorists are

6- Rossfeldstrasse, Berchtesgaden, Germany:

With its panoramic view, ride across the forested trails, and enjoy the sights with its alpine peaks. Then, have some beer at Kehlsteinhaus restaurants.

7- The Meteora Road, Kastraki, Greece:

The view of the road sided with rock pillars on its sides is breathtaking. It is a delight to see, which makes it a popular tourist destination.

Scenic roads for motorists in Africa

8- Cape Town Circuit, South Africa:

The scenery is spectacular, but the trails can be muddy, which is a rather challenging experience for motorcyclists.

9- Kalahari Desert, in Botswana and Namibia:

900,000 square kilometers semi-arid desert with savanna and acacia trees. The most popular fruit is kiwano fruit or horned cucumbers. The desert is home to elephants, giraffes, lions, leopards, and cheetahs.

In Australia, here is the best trail for motorcycle riders

10- New Zealand, East of Australia: Ride along the scenery road with its lush forests and glaciers and discover the beauty of the ocean roads. Then enjoy yourself at the thermal baths. It is just amazing.

Useful information for globtrotter motorcyclists

If you are fascinated in motorcycle riding, it is useful to practice with other riders from around the world, in the most popular trails?

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