What equipment should I bring for a long motorcycle trip?

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Photo What equipment should I bring for a long motorcycle trip?

Planning a motorcycle trip can be a difficult experience especially for first timers. For a long motorcycle ride, you need to plan carefully and make sure that you do not forget any necessary equipment for your trip.

The most important equipment that you should not miss to bring for a long motorcycle trip

  • Do not forget to include a flat screwdriver in the tool kit; it is essential to unscrew some screws when you repair some parts of your motorcycle.
  • Pliers can be used for cutting and replacing burnt wires inside the motorcycle.
  • A monkey wrench is preferable to bring an adjustable wrench, which is called monkey wrench, in case you do not have the appropriate tool to remove a rather small or an oversized bolt.
  • Wrenches of different sizes should be packed in your tool kit to fasten nuts and bolts. These can also include socket wrenches.
  • Lug wrench or tire wrenches, which are used for loosening or tightening wrenches from the tires of your motorcycle.
  • Pump and tire repair tools: Always make sure that you bring a pump for the tire if ever you have a flat tire. Apart from that, you should not also forget to bring tire repair tool kit, in case the tire needs repairing.
  • Speed handle: It is also known as speed brace. This tool is necessary if you need to drive in and secure nuts, or to loosen and remove nuts.
  • A headlamp is a must for many reasons. You need it when you stop at night and need to find your way out in the dark, or in case your motorcycle lamp is failing.
  • Your phone and headlamp may run out of batteries during your long ride. As a result, it is handy to bring a solar charger, to recharge your phone battery along the way, especially if you are in a warm country.
  • If you go motorcycle riding in a remote area, you certainly need to bring a Primus stove, along with a plate, a bowl, a spoon, a fork, and a knife.
  • Do not forget to bring some basic kitchenware, particularly a knife, a spoon, a fork, and a glass for your long trip. If you ride in a remote area, you will be in great need for kitchen utensils to prepare your meals.
  • A spare key should be kept in a safe place inside the motorcycle in case you lose your key in the remote part of your adventure. You can also save the spare key in your wallet.

Further recommendations

When you participate in a long motorcycle trip, it is helpful to prepare for your trip at least a week ahead of time. This is for you not to avoid packing the most important equipment for the trip.

Participating in a motorcycle adventure is fascinating especially at the best location in the world.

Where to stay?

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